Waterproof Sun Canopy Umbrella Parasol
Waterproof Sun Canopy Umbrella Parasol
Waterproof Sun Canopy Umbrella Parasol
Waterproof Sun Canopy Umbrella Parasol

Waterproof Sun Canopy Umbrella Parasol

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This shade sail is a stylish and effective shade solution that perfect for garden, patio, swimming pool, BBQ area and etc.

The shade shelter provides 98% UV block and breathable material allows water and air to go through freely. The sun shade can make you comfortable even in the hottest days.


HIGH QUALITY - Made of 100% brand new 280 GSM HDPE (high density polyethylene) material and rejecting recycled materials, more healthy and safety.

WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATION - As cool shape, used in gardens, courtyards, balconies, parking, beaches, picnics, etc.

WATERPROOF - Its made of high-quality Polyester material, more healthy and safe. It is fade resistant, free of mold, mildew, and stains, including three pad eyes.


98% ANTI-UV -  Bring you a cool shade in the hot summer.

CURVED DESIGN - The artistic design makes the product more flat during installation, more stressed and beautiful.

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EASY TO CLEAN & MAINTAIN - Washable, durable and environmentally friendly material.

D-RINGS - Stainless steel D-rings, the essential parts of the shade sail, are durable that can serve your shade sail for a long life.

Free giving 4*1800D wind ropes (200cm for each), robust sewing processing on each side, stainless steel D ring on each edge.



  • The shade sail came with D ring & Wind ropes for you to be able to make the connections to the house/trees/other strcture pretty easily.
  • If you want to strengthen the fixing, you can buy a set of hardware from our store.
  • How-To  tighten the rope after installation/Buyer's Experience Sharing
  • From the opposite corners, I assembled the proper length of wire rope with the thimble and clamp for the end, and attached to eye bolts in the trees with a turnbuckle to tighten the span. Once I had these four anchor points established and installed, the shade sail was in the proper position and I could tighten all four anchor points to get the desired tension.

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  • Material: Polyester cloth
  • Features: Shading, Anti-UV, Waterproof
  • Anti-UV rate: 98%
  • Shape: Rectangle, Triangle
  • Colours: Grey / Beige / Green
  • Weight: about 0.7-1.6kg
  • Size for Rectangle shade sail: 3x2M, 3x4M
  • Size for Triangle shade sail: 2x2x2m, 3x3x3m, 3.6x3.6x3.6m, 5x5x5m




1 x  Shade Sail + Wind ropes


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